Thursday, July 23, 2015

I've just undone the Wikipedia entry editing that this guy AlexTheWhovian has done... Bang!

Hi, AlexTheWhovian I've just undone your editing since it was not justified. Regards gonporto

The Aberrations get in as Pilcher turns down the fence and now, more than ever, Ethan has to defend the people by teaming up with some civilians and the actions starts. Everybody runs to the bunker under plot 33 and go through a series of tunnels ending in the mountain complex. Meanwhile Pilcher decides to freeze his own sister causing a rebellion and is killed by Pam. The people are yet not safe and Ethan decides to sacrifice himself in order to save everyone. Ben faints and wakes up in the hospital, three years later, with Amy, as a nurse, telling him not to speak to loud as "they" are watching.

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