Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sort of Scientific Theories: Why You Should Not Clean Your Room

Situations of greater entropy are statistically favoured. Things that are statistically favoured tend to happen, especially over time. A disordered room has greater entropy than an organized one. Thus an organized room will tend to become disordered over time. The only way to reverse this is by continually putting in energy from an outside system (i.e. making the effort to clean your room regularly)
HOWEVER, at some point a disordered room will be maximally entropic. At this point, continually failing to clean one’s room will not generally result in a more disordered state. Thus no additional input of energy is needed to maintain the state of the room
Therefore cleaning one’s room is futile - a task for the modern day Sisyphus. It is much more energetically efficient to allow the room to stay at its natural, maximally entropic state towards which it will always tend (and to expend that energy on more interesting things)

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